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SoilTech Industry-University Center to Develop Technology to Measure, Track Soil Health

February 28, 2023

AMES, Iowa – A graduate student, wrapping up a recent meeting of Jonathan Claussen’s research group at Iowa State University, reported he’s trying to get new sensors to work.

That’s a pretty good summary of the work Claussen and Carmen Gomes, both associate professors of mechanical engineering at Iowa State, have been doing for years. They’ve been inventing, making and testing sensors for agriculture, food safety and health applications.

Claussen’s lab uses heavy-duty printers to make graphene electrodes for biosensors. Gomes’ lab uses a commercial laser engraver to treat graphene and tune its properties. Visit the labs and they’ll pull out petri dishes full of their printed and laser-treated sensors.

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New NSF Center on Soil Research Launched

February 27, 2023

USC will lead a joint research effort in collaboration with the University of Connecticut, the University of Washington, and Iowa State University to develop technologies for assessment of soil sustainability and health, tracking impacts of climate change on soils, and providing tools for ensuring food security. The Center for Soil Technologies (SoilTech), which is part of the National Science Foundation’s Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) program, will be the first of its kind to develop in-situ and remote sensing and analysis tools that can share real-time soil dynamics data with the nation at-large. SoilTech will have participation from 15 industry members, who will support the development of research projects in the Center.

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We are pleased to announce that the SoilTech has been selected for funding, starting in March 2023! More updates will follow.