Our Mission

SoilTech aims to develop next-generation in-situ and remote sensors, networks, observation systems, and associated analysis methods for managed and unmanaged soils. These efforts will help industry partners obtain timely information about the surface-to-depth profiles of soil properties and their dynamics. Our research team is poised to make significant advances in our understanding of dynamic processes in soils through research in sensor development, soil health, contaminant monitoring and carbon sequestration, ground penetration, data transmission, data analytics, dynamic physics-based and data-driven models, and visualization tools. SoilTech will provide the underlying research necessary to develop new, more efficient and more sustainable ways of studying soil properties and managing soils and natural resources for industries in the energy, environment, agriculture, utilities, defense, climate change adaptation, and communications sectors. The proposed research will lead to broad societal benefits such as reduced soil and water contamination, improvements to agricultural practices, food security and carbon sequestration, management of subsurface water resources, mitigation and prevention of damage to infrastructure within and overlying soils, and management of the nitrogen cycle.

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